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Colors for SmartPhone

For SmartPhone 2002 and later.

Also available for PocketPC

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In this classic strategy you need to paint as many tiles as possible.
You start from the bottom left, your opponent starts from the top right.
By selecting the color each player annexes the neighboring tiles of the same color.

Take over 50% of the board to win.

You can play against the AI or another person.

Version 1.1 includes an additional Auto Finish option for the registered users.

download: .exe (63k) or .cab (41k) v.1.1

Please let us know how we can improve this product!

The score is limited to 320 for the unregistered game.

You can get a registration key for $4.95 using PayPal:
SmartPhone Owner Name:
If for any reason you can not use PayPal,
you can try or Handango

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if you use cracks, hacks or other illegal software to activate our products.

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