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Lights for Pocket PC

For PocketPC 2002 and up.

Free download for Windows

Also available for SmartPhone

  Your favorite game is now on PocketPC!

Connect all lights into the circuit to turn them on.
Starting from very easy levels, this game will be fun and challenging
for everyone from little kids to the university professors.

You have to complete the easier level before you are allowed to the next one.

download: .exe (87k) or .cab (102k) v.1.0

Please let us know how we can improve this product!

Two highest levels are disabled if the game is not registered.

You can get a registration key for $4.95 using PayPal:
Pocket PC Owner Name:
If for any reason you can not use PayPal,
you can buy it at Handango

WARNING: is not responsible for any system damage and/or data loss
if you use cracks, hacks or other illegal software to activate our products.

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