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Connect all lights into the circuit.
Our most popular puzzle!
download: .exe (87k) or .cab (102k)

Join the painting contest!
Very classic and very addictive strategy...
download: .exe (84k) or .cab (139k)

Ring Master:
The most challenging puzzle
since the Rubik's Cube was invented!
download: .exe (53k) or .cab (94k)

Both TETRIS and POKER in one can.
Double fun from a single game!
download: .exe (60k) or .cab (55k)

This is a TRUE 3D labyrinth.
Guaranteed to twist your mind...
download: .exe (49k) or .cab (59k)

Find the key and GET OUT OF THERE!
Does it sound too easy? Try...
download: .exe (45k) or .cab (84k)

This classic puzzle is over 100 years old.
Try it with Arabic, Chinese or Thai numeration...
download: .exe (45k) or .cab (161k)

More titles are expected soon...

All our games are free to download and copy,
however, we encourage you to obtain the registration key,
to enjoy more game features.

You may be eligible to get free registration keys for all our games!

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