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Press the arrow
to enter
the Labyrinth...

Time left: 04:28
Don't forget the flashlight and and the huge bag!
Labyrinth full of treasures is waiting for you!

You have to find the exit from the Labyrinth and fill the bag with as much money as you can carry.
The doors are located in the four corners, but you cannot exit through the door you've entered.

Hurry up before the treasure is stolen by other visitors!

Every hour we construct a new Labyrinth and fill it with treasures..
Be careful! If you, fail to exit the old one on time, you may be burried under the ruins!

You can also play this game with your friends:
just enter from the opposite corners and check who gets higher score?


- move controls
(You can also use arrow keys if your browser supports JavaScript)
- coins
- doubles the score
- triples the score
- map
- exit
- other players

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