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Bulls and Cows

This is a version of the game, known as MasterMind. Test your logic skills!

We selected a 4-digit number. All digits are different. (May begin from 0)
Guess our number from the least number of tries.
You can input only 4-digit numbers with all digits different.

Correct digit in wrong position - a cow, correct digit in correct position - a bull.
Four bulls - the whole number is correct..
To start the game please enter your first guess:

tries:10987654321 (that happens sometimes:)

Photos of the winners - in the Hall of Fame.
Top ten of
December 2019:
170 EG
150 staricata
110 EG
70 staricata
60 staricata
0 ...
0 ...
0 ...
0 ...
0 ...

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