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6 Colors

For Windows-95 and up.

Video acceleration is recommended.

Regular versions of this game are available
for Pocket PC and for SmartPhone

Experience a new dimension of this classic strategy!

The goal of this game is to paint as large area as possible.
By selecting the proper color you attach the neighboring tiles
of the same color to your posession.
You start from the lower left, your opponent starts from the upper right.
The player who takes over 50% of the board wins.

Different tile shapes are available in the new version:



Free Shape
and each requires its own playing strategy!

You can play against the AI or another person.

Just to make sure the game is fair you can flip the board.
However, that does not usually help - your AI opponent plays pretty good :)

AutoFinish option automatically ends the game when everything is clear,
i.e. when there is no neutral area left that borders with both players.
Most gamers find it quite useful.

download: .zip (1.6M) v.1.2

Please let us know how we can improve this game!

This software is absolutely free to download, copy and distribute.
However, if you enjoy the game, you can send us a little donation:

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If you are not able to make a payment, but still willing to help us - just share this program with all your friends. ;)

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