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Level Editor for 3 Balls

  Use your creativity to design cool new levels for 3 Balls puzzle!

The program has easy intuitive interface;
instantly checks the existence of solution after each change
allows to save new level in text file,
or even generates HTML to place it as java applet on your own website.

If you wish to use some other software to read or create 3 Balls levels,
here is a file format description.

download: .exe (52K) v.1.0

You should place this program in the same directory where 3balls.exe file is located.

Please let us know how we can improve the program!

This software is absolutely free to download, copy and distribute.
However, if you enjoy the game, you can send us a little donation:

Your donation will encourage us to create more games like this.

If you are not able to make a payment, but still willing to help us -
you can tell your friends about this program, or place a link on your website. ;)

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