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Welcome to JAM homepage!

Jam screenshot

You can input and edit chords as plain text.
It is much faster and more convenient than any other format.
Try and see yourself!

download a sample file to try the program...

Making music is easy!

You say you already have a powerful score editor?
Well, I have one too...
But I use Jam more often than any other music software.
And I bet - you also will!

download: jam.exe v.1.0 (100k) 01/22/07
read the tutorial and user manual

For musician:
Want to practice your new solo before playing it with band? -
Jam can play the chords for you!

For singer:
Trying to find the best key for the new song? -
Jam can transpose it for you!

For non-musician:
Found the chords of your favorite song, but dont know how to play? -
Jam will play it for you!

We are currently working on a bunch of new features.
Your suggestions are welcome at our message board

This software is absolutely free to download, copy and distribute.
However, if you find it useful, you can send us a little donation:
Your donation may speed up the release of new version.

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