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Free registration key!

No crack! No keygen needed!
It's absolutely free and absolutely legal!

Free keys for Live Journal users

To get free registration key you need to:

1: Be a registered LiveJournal user. ( it's free and only takes a couple of minutes )

2: Write a message in LiveJournal with the links to our main page and to the game you need a key for.

3: Get two replies from other users.

4: Submit the form below.

Link to our main page:

Links to the games:
Games for PocketPC:
Colors for PocketPC:
Lights for PocketPC:
Teker for PocketPC:
Ring Master for PocketPC:
Laby for PocketPC:
Cuby for PocketPC:
Games for SmartPhone:
Colors for SmartPhone:
Lights for SmartPhone:
Teker for SmartPhone:
Ring Master for SmartPhone:
Games for Windows - don't require registration.

device owner name:

user - your name in LiveJournal.
topic - the number of your message in LiveJournal.
for instance, for this message
user = pyvanet, topic = 958.

device owner name - your name exactly as it looks in your PPC or SmartPhone, case sensitive!

One LiveJournal user can get only one key for each game.

To get the keys for several games you need to write several messages.

We cannot guarantee the correct work of your key if you use any national alphabet characters in the device owner name. However, you can leave us a message in this thread, we will try to help.

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