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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I install the program?
A: Download the setup program (.EXE) on your desktop computer and run it.
Or: copy the .CAB file on your SmartPhone or Pocket PC and run it.
Q: CAB file opens as a text file in my browser. What can I do?
A: Right click mouse on the link. In the menu select "Save target as...".
Q: What is the Device Owner Name? How can I find it?
A: Go to Start -> Settings -> Owner Information.
When you apply for a registration key you should enter the owner name
exactly as it appears in your Pocket PC or SmartPhone settings.

Q: Can I move the program files to another folder?
A: No problem. You can move the program files to another folder or on memory card.
Q: Why there is so few games on your site?
A: We have more software in development. Please visit us later to find more new stuff.
Q: How can I contact you with other questions and problems?
A: You can post your message at our message board
Or email to:

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