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This well forgotten game of my childhood was named after Chapayev - the legendary hero of Civil War in Russia.

The goal of the game is to sweep all opponent's checkers from the chessboard by flicking your own checkers.
Players make flicks by the turn. Red Army (what a surprise!) starts the game.
If you destroyed at least one opponent's checker without losing any of yours, you get an extra flick.
When all opponent's checkers are destroyed, winning army moves one line forward,
if the army wins without loss, it moves two lines forward.
The army which reaches the opposite side of the chessboard wins the game.

To make a flick, press the mouse left button on the checker, move the mouse.
to adjust the flick strength and direction and release the left button.

It's pretty easy to win the first battle, however, the farther the Red Army moves - the stronger is the White Army defense...

Photos of the winners - in the Hall of Fame.


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PS: We are working on Windows version of this game.

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